The Brand

                           APPLYING PRESSURE
"Applying Pressure" Is a Brand created with the idea focused on one's journey from where you are standing today to where you thrive to be. In the midst of your growth, your grinding, and leveling up you WILL Apply the Pressure and consistency needed to get it done! This Brand supports the effort you put into yourself to become what you desire to be and more! 
Meet the 5th grade Capital City Teamwork AAU basketball team! Such an ambitious group of kids who are learning ahead of time how to Apply Pressure towards their goals and achieving great things! AP is the proud sponsor of these costume uniforms.
The Applying Pressure Brand has had the opportunity to partner with the Springfield,IL Park District for the past 2 years. We have worked hard in an effort to create a safe space for teens to be able to come together and have fun being active with outdoor activities, book bag drives, music and more!